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Ontario Welcomes Kalamba Thanks to Partnership Extension with Bragg Gaming

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Jeudi le 22 septembre 2022      

Since the regulated market's opening in April, Bragg has been distributing both its own games and games from other developers in Ontario. And now, thanks to its collaboration with Bragg Gaming Group, online gaming supplier Kalamba Games has penetrated the Ontario iGaming market. The launch follows the expansion of Kalamba and Bragg's collaborative relationship to include North American markets in June.

According to the agreement, Bragg's Oryx Gaming and Spin Games subsidiaries will leverage a dual deployment of the remote games server technology to transmit Kalamba's content to operators licensed in the Canadian jurisdiction.

In 2017, Kalamba and Bragg's Oryx Gaming collaborated through a contract that let Kalamba release its content on the Oryx Remote Game Server in several international regions.

One of a handful of content development studios to partner with Bragg Gaming, Kalamba, has expanded its strategic content licensing agreement with Toronto-based Bragg for dispersion in North America. This would include Ontario, encompassing a number of games that are already distributed exclusively through its Oryx Hub distribution platform in Europe.

According to CCO Andrew Crosby, Kalamba is thrilled to strengthen their already strong partnership with the Bragg Gaming Group and have their distinctive and cutting-edge portfolio of slots brought to another new market.

Andres further stated that they will be able to distribute their games to a variety of operators in this newly regulated jurisdiction for the first time. This was thanks to its established presence within the Ontario market, and Kalamba can't wait to see how players respond to their titles.

Doug Fallon, group director of content for Bragg, added that delivering engrossing and high caliber titles through significant partner studios is one of their main strategies for operators. Fallon even remarked about Kalamba's game library. He said that Kalamba had rightfully built a great reputation for themselves thanks to their collection of high-quality, dynamic games. Fallon was confident that these games would even strike a chord with players based in North America. Bragg, he said, was over the moon to bring Kalamba's titles to North American players.

A Brief Review of Kalamba Games

Having a games' portfolio that gives its rivals a run for their money, Kalamba's offerings are known for being cutting edge and dynamic. Operators will be able to attract and engage players through the state-of-the-art gaming experience, which is a fantastic addition to promotional offers like $200 welcome bonuses to entice potential customers to register.

Kalamba Games came onto the international scene in 2016 and currently boast just over 120 games. Specializing in slots development, the company is headquartered in Malta and with another office based in Krakow.

All of the games produced by Kalamba Games are exquisitely detailed and loaded with wonderful graphics, incredible gameplay dynamics, and an immersive theme. Additionally, they function flawlessly on a variety of platforms, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets. They provide genuinely captivating gameplay with unique reel layouts and rich in-game bonuses like free spins, micro bonus games, symbol collecting games, and more - which, when combined, unquestionably provides abundant earning potential for the punter.

If you're excited about the fact that you can now play Kalamba games in parts of North America, then you might be wondering which games to try first. Below, we briefly go over three of our favorite Kalamba slots.

Our Top 3 Kalamba Games Slot Machine Picks 

Popular as many of Kalamba's slots are, we've decided to pick three of our favorites with a summary of each hereunder:

Sky Hunters: is a video slot with 5 reels and 3 rows. The theme here is based around the time when the steam engine was the forefront of human technology. Players go on a steam-powered journey across the Victorian world's sky in Sky Hunters. What's really remarkable about this game is how well detailed each aspect of the theme is, including the background music. Sky Hunters has plenty of special rounds and in-game bonus features. Two such bonus rounds that are quite unique are the Lucky Loops and the Hyper Bet.

The Lucky Loops feature is triggered every 10 spins.  The Hyper Bet feature, on the other hand, is where the player can pick between 3 different levels of multipliers depending on how much they want to bet. The multiplier value can be changed at any time by the player. Sky Hunters boasts a well above average return to player percentage of 97.19%.

Machina: Machina was released in 2019 and is one of Kalamba Games' best slot machines till date. Players around the world seem to adore the AI Robot theme that could very well be what the future looks like. This futuristic world where cyborgs and humans co-exist also has a vibrant cyberpunk theming which adds flavor and mystery to the game. The game has a pretty unique 6x6 reel set with an amazing 46,656 paylines. The RTP percentage stands at 97.42% and Machina also features fantastic in-game bonus rounds like Free Spins Jackpot and Free Spins Purchase, to name a few.

Age of Dragons: Age of Dragons is one of Kalamba‘s most iconic slots. The theme here, as the name suggests, is all about fiery dragons that roam eerie night skies. If you like Game of Thrones, you might enjoy the vibe of Age of Dragons slot game since it has a lot of similarities. This game features 5 reels, 40 paylines and some great bonus features such as wild reels, sticky wilds, and more. The RTP is pretty good at 97.29%. 

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